I finally got to go to the driving range tonight… the first time in nearly 6 years, and the first time ever with my own clubs. I’m pretty happy with the outcome. It gets me motivated to go more often. These are my notes from the range:

  • Invest in a golf glove. Not only would it help my grip, but it would also prevent my hands from getting sore. A quick $10 purchase would make things better.
  • Zero Friction golf tees are amazing, especially the extra long ones. First, the tee didn’t break, it just bended. Second, since it was so long, it went further in the ground, which meant there was less of a chance of losing it during my drive.
  • I don’t think I’ve ever hit a ball as far as I did tonight. It felt really good to make solid contact with the ball. I was surprised to see how much I improved since the last time I went to the driving range.
  • Even though my drive has improved quite a bit, I have a consistent slice. Very consistent. I need to look into fixing this.
  • After I swing, I turn my left foot almost 90 degrees. I think some golf shoes might limit this.
  • My lower left shoulder blade hurts. Either I’m doing something wrong during my swing or I’m using muscles I’ve never used before. My guess is that I’m doing something wrong during my swing.