I finished the weekend/mini-vacation by meeting David at Wooded View Golf Course. Wooded View is located in Clarksville, IN, and is about 7 miles from the Indiana/Kentucky border, north of Louisville, KY. Wooded View Golf Course is part of Clarksville Parks and Recreation, which maintains twelve parks throughout Clarksville, an aquatic center, and a softball complex. Prior to the start of this project, I’ve played at Wooded View Golf Course twice, both times in a foursome with David. The weekend rate with the cart was $35, which is not bad considering this is a nice course that can be difficult in some areas.

The course winds its way through tall trees and hills. Five of the holes are doglegs that bend nearly 90 degrees. There are four par-3 and five par-5 holes. Water hazards touch eight of the holes, with the biggest water hazards being on the 9th and the 14th hole. I always dreaded the 14th hole, because the water hazard is in a valley that is right in front of the tee boxes. I tend to lose 2-3 balls just trying to get to the other side.

It also didn’t help out that we played from the blue tee boxes this round, so the water hazards were more difficult to cross. In the end, it didn’t really matter which tee box we started from, because we both played pretty badly. The round started off pretty well with me making a bogey, and David sinking a 40ft putt from the fringe (he still got a 7 on that hole). We were in traffic the whole time; there was a slow foursome in front of us and a fast threesome behind us. We were constantly hurrying up just to wait. The whole round took 4-1/2 hours.

David didn’t play so well this round. His fairway wood and iron shots were off and his putting was bad (except for that first 40ft putt). I remained consistent with my previous rounds and also played bad, although I did have some nice drives. I need to keep remembering that you don’t have to kill the ball on the drive. Once I get more steady with that concept, I think I’ll be more consistent on my drives.

Wooded View Golf Course – Scores & Stats
Course length: 6,548 yards (6,169 yards from blue tee boxes)
Course par: 71
Course rating/slope: 69.5/123 (blue tee boxes)
My score: 118 (47 over par)
David’s score 117 (46 over par)
Balls lost: 10+ (mostly in the woods)

We ended up losing a lot of balls because of all the leaves that were on the ground. We would search for the ball for a few minutes, but then give up because there was pretty much no hope. The leaves also made it difficult to putt on the greens, but by the time we were nearly done with the round, we could really care less about the leaves.

David made three bogeys and no pars. He 1-putted two times and 2-putted seven times. I made two bogeys and no pars. I 1-putted two times and 2-putted eight times. There were many instances where I could have made par, but failed to do so because I 3-putted. My putting started good, but eventually got worse. Still, the putter that I was using (David’s old putter) was much better than my original mini-golf putter.

Wooded View Golf Course
2404 Greentree North
Clarksville, IN 47129