Now… there’s another word I’ve never heard of. If you listen to the introduction to the golf ball collector job on Dirty Jobs (see the last post), the show’s host, Mike Rowe, says “Thousands of duffers hook, slice, shank millions of perfectly good golf balls into lakes, streams, ponds and water hazards.” Once again, I turn to the Web to define the word “duffer”.

From the Golf section of

Definition: A bad golfer. Duffer is a derogatory term applied to poor players in general. Somewhat synonymous with “hacker” in that they both apply to poor players. But “duffer” is sometimes used to denote weaker players in general, while “hacker” is often applied to a single golfer as an insult. Hacker is a little bit stronger than duffer, in other words.

Also Known As: Hacker, weekend hacker

I may be a noob, but I think I can hold my own. Plus, “I’m a golf duffer” doesn’t sound as good as “I’m a golf noob”.