Woohoo! It’s now 2009, which means I can start looking forward to the new golfing season. I figured the best way to improve my golf game (and to work toward the goal) are to make some 2009 resolutions and goals.

But first, I just wanted to say “thanks” to all my friends and family who gave me some golf gear for Christmas. From Beth, I got a 6-pack of SpongeBob SquarePants golf balls, which will be used in the apartment for putting practice. From Sarah and the Maloney’s, I got golf ball finder glasses (yup, I got two different pairs, and I’ll keep both). And from Denise, I got a ‘Putt Straight’ putting practice aid. I already tried it out, and I realized that I need to practice putting a little more.

So, onto the 2009 resolutions and goals, in no particular order:

  • Average 3 rounds of golf each month for every month between April and October
  • Complete 25 rounds of golf on at least 20 new courses
  • Break 100 (at least once) and consistently score better than 115
  • Play a full round of golf without losing more than 5 golf balls
  • Get a birdie on a par 4
  • Play in a golf scramble
  • Finish the course list in the ChicagoGolfNoob.com Golf Tracker

Those seem like some reasonable, attainable goals (although, some of them might involve a lot of luck). Now, I just need to wait until some warmer weather, then let the 2009 season begin!