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Bonnie Dundee Golf CourseSince this goal is a pretty large one, I’m trying not to play the same course twice… especially if it’s a non-“field trip” course. As I said previously about Bonnie Dundee, the course is less than a mile from the edge of the circle, so it’s not really a “field trip” but more of a visit outside of the circle.

But, as much as I would have liked to play a course inside the circle, I didn’t mind playing Bonnie Dundee again. Last week, it was much colder, and it rained three times throughout the round. My drives were consistently flying the right, with the occasional random straight drive. My iron shots were very nice, but my approach shots and putting were also very random. I definitely didn’t play as well as I could have, and I wanted to play again when the weather was nicer.

So, one week later, I got my chance to play Bonnie Dundee again. This week, I joined my co-workers, Andy, Jason and Chris, along with two other foursomes from my company, for another round at the course. The weather was much nicer (a bit warmer), and the rain managed to hold off until around the 17th hole.

My drives were a lot better this round, flying fairly straight or slightly to the left or the right. The iron shots were mediocre. I ended up topping the ball a couple times, and not getting enough distance the other times. I started trying to keep track of what club I used for iron shots at various distances, hoping to figure out how far I can hit the ball with each iron. Hopefully, over the next couple of rounds, I’ll be able to know exactly which club to use based on the distance to the hole. My approach shots were random. They definitely need some work.

Also this round, I was somehow attracted to the sand traps. Throughout the round, I ended up in the sand trap on eight of the holes. Luckily, each time, I made it out in one stroke. As for my putts, I 1-putted twice and 3-putted three times, with the rest being 2-putts. Not too bad… I think my putting is improving.

I also want to mention that this is the first complete round I played where I didn’t lose a single golf ball. I used the same golf ball the entire round. I must say… I think that’s an impressive feat in itself. It also crosses one of my 2009 goals off the list!

Overall, this was a better round. I finished 38 over par, which is 4 strokes better than last round.

Bonnie Dundee Golf Course – Scores & Stats
Course length: 6,015 yards
Course par: 69
Course rating/slope: 68.1/112 (white tee boxes)
My score: 107 (38 over par, legit)

Bonnie Dundee Golf Course
270 Kennedy Drive
Carpentersville, IL 60110

Bonnie Dundee Golf Course [Field Trip]

Posted by cjsharp1 on July 19, 2009 in Field Trips 0 Comments

Bonnie Dundee Golf CourseMy first round in Chicagoland for the season, and it turns out to be a field trip… by less than one mile. Either way, I was happy to get on the course, especially because we got tee times at 2:00pm on a Friday. Two co-workers of mine, Andy and Jason, along with another foursome from my company, played at Bonnie Dundee Golf Course in Carpentersville, Illinois. Bonnie Dundee is part of the Dundee Township Park District, which also owns Randall Oaks Golf Club in Dundee, Illinois. Since we played on a Friday, we took advantage of one of their specials: 18-hole foursome special, with cart, for $25 per person. Not too bad.

Bonnie Dundee is a fairly flat course, with only one water hazard that touches one of the holes and various sand traps on all of the holes. In many areas of the course, the land is shaped so it appears there was a sand trap created at one time. The course is bordered on two sides by roads, and three of the holes follow the border very closely. There are four par-3 and one par-5 holes.

Throughout the round, it was cold and windy, and rained three times, each time for about 15-20 minutes. When we got to the 9th hole, a course assistant told us we were 30 minutes off pace (mainly because the foursome in front of us decided to leave the course when it started raining). Either way, we remained on pace throughout the whole round and finished in less than 5 hours.

For the first 7 or 8 holes, my drives consistently flew to the right; not so much slicing, but more of just poor aiming or a slight mis-hit. For the remainder of the holes, my drives were very random. My iron shots got a lot better; probably the best they’ve ever been. My approach shots always went to the left of the green. And my putting was all over the place (it didn’t help that the greens were wet and bumpy). I 1-putted twice and 2-putted twelve times throughout the round.

I’m starting to think that a better driver might help me be a little more consistent. I might start looking into this, maybe going to some demo days and trying out a couple of drivers.

Bonnie Dundee Golf Course – Scores & Stats
Course length: 6,015 yards
Course par: 69
Course rating/slope: 68.1/112 (white tee boxes)
My score: 111 (42 over par)

Bonnie Dundee Golf Course
270 Kennedy Drive
Carpentersville, IL 60110

Covered Bridge Golf Course [Field Trip]

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Covered Bridge Golf CourseI’m a little behind on this post… Back near the end of May, I met up with David and Chris to play a round at Fuzzy Zoeller’s Covered Bridge Golf Course in Sellersburg, Indiana. Covered Bridge is one of two golf courses designed by Fuzzy Zoeller, the other being Champions Pointe Golf Club in Memphis, Indiana.

Covered Bridge is a beautiful course, with the front nine running through a wooded area and the back nine running through the Willows of Covered Bridge, the local subdivision. There are 8 water hazards throughout the course that touch 11 of the holes, and sand traps on every hole. The course consists of four par-3 and four par-5 holes.

For being the second round of the season, and the first full round of the season, I didn’t really play that bad. On the front nine, we kept individual scores. I shot a 54 (18 over par), while David shot a 60 and Chris shot a 63. I only 3-putted one time, on the first hole, and 2-putted the other 8 holes. On the back nine, David had to leave early, so Chris and I played best ball and shot a 50 (14 over par).

I tried to remain focused on all of my shots. My drives were getting better, my iron shots were starting to come together, and my putts were getting closer to the hole (which shows from the number of 2-putts I had). I felt pretty confident throughout the round.

Covered Bridge Golf Course – Scores & Stats
Course length: 7,068 yards (6,453 yards from gold tee boxes)
Course par: 72
Course rating/slope: 70.9/129 (gold tee boxes)
My score: Front nine – 54 (18 over par), Back nine – 50 (14 over par, best ball)

Covered Bridge Golf Course
12510 Covered Bridge Road
Sellersburg, IN 47172

Terminology: Chicago

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While searching around for “Chicago” and “golf” websites, I came across a tournament format: Chicago. Here’s the description from’s Golf Section:

Chicago is a golf game whose format is based on golfers beginning their rounds with negative points (compare to Quota). In Chicago, players start with a negative amount of points, based on handicaps, then add positive points during the round. The idea is to get from the negative to the positive, clearing your “hurdle” (the term used for your starting total of negative points) by as much as possible.Negative points begin at -39 for scratch golfers. A 1-handicapper starts with -38, a 2-handicapper with -37, and so on up to a 36-handicapper who starts with -3 points.

During the round, positive points are added on this basis:

• Bogeys are worth l point
• Pars are worth 2 points
• Birdies are worth 4 points
• Eagles are worth 8 points

Not everyone will be able to clear their hurdle, so the highest point total – whether that is 15 or -15 – wins.

Chicago can be a tournament format for individual stroke play, or a betting game among buddies. The winner might get a set amount agreed upon before the round, or the differential in final points can be used, with each point worth a set amount.

Also Known As: Thirty-Nines (or 39’s)

ParaMobile: Motorized Wheelchair for Golfers

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From a company called Parabasetec comes the ParaMobile, or Paragolfer Machine, which allows people with mobility impairments to play golf. The ParaMobile is a multi-terrain motorized wheelchair that allows the golfer to “stand up and play”. Check out their promotional video.

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