Before taking my annual mini-vacation to Alabama, I met up with David to play a quick round at Cherry Valley Golf Course in New Albany, Indiana. Cherry Valley Golf Course is approximately 7 miles northwest of downtown Louisville, Kentucky, across the river on the Indiana side. The course was originally built in 1932 as Cherry Valley Golf Course, renamed in 1966 to “Fuzzy Zoeller Par 3″, then switched back to its original name in 1985.

From the back tees (blue), Cherry Valley is slightly longer than a 9-hole short course, but when David and I played, they only had the white tees out, which measured in at 1,417 yards. The course consists of only two par-4 holes, with the rest being par-3’s. The name of the course pretty much describes the layout. The course sits in a valley in the west side of New Albany (it’s almost hard to believe there’s a golf course there), with a creek running along it’s east side. Water hazards affect only the 1st and 8th hole, and trees affect holes 6-9.

This course can actually be fairly challenging for a short course. On some of the holes, you tee off higher than the green, forcing you to be accurate on your shots. On other holes, some trees block your way, so you either have to hit around them or go over top of them. The creek on left of holes 6-8 hugs the fairway pretty closely.

When we started the round, there was a single teeing off before us. David and I decided to join him. His name was James; an older gentleman who seemed like he was a regular at Cherry Valley. Throughout the round, he was giving pointers to David on his stroke (his shots were going all over the place) and his tips ended up being pretty helpful. (David did eventually confess he needs to hit the driving range more often.)

As for me, I feel like I played a decent round. I started off OK, then consistently shot mediocre throughout the rest of the round. My drives on the two par-4 holes were really bad, but my iron shots were OK. My putting, on the other hand, was on target. I 1-putted 4 times and 2-putted 3 times.

But what made my round was the 7th hole. A 110 yard par-3 with tree branches between the tee box and the green. On the first shot, I ended up placing the ball about 6 feet behind the pin, then 1-putted it in for my first par-3 birdie! (I didn’t do a birdie dance, but James did give me a fist-bump.) Although this does not cross a 2009 goal off of the list, it does make me pretty happy. Looking back at previous rounds, I’ve had many opportunities to get a par-4 birdie, yet my poor putting prevented me from getting it. With my putting improving, it’s only a matter of time.

I ended up shooting a 43 (14 over par), and David shot a 47 (18 over par). I don’t know how James did, but I imagine he did better than David and I. I should note, because it was an awesome shot, that James sank a 30 foot putt on the 9th hole. Pretty impressive.

Cherry Valley Golf Course – Scores & Stats
Course length: 1,417 yards
Course par: 29
Course rating/slope: 35.5/113 (white tee boxes)
My score: 43 (14 over par)
David’s score: 47 (18 over par)

Cherry Valley Golf Course
600 Cherry Street
New Albany, IN 47150