Plymouth Rock Golf CourseIn early August, Dirk and I played a round at Plymouth Rock Golf Course in Plymouth, Indiana. While I was there, I saw that they were having a golf tournament the weekend of Labor Day, which is also the weekend that Plymouth (or rather Marshall County) has their Blueberry Festival. Knowing I was going to be in the area (and since the entry price was pretty cheap), I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to play in my first scramble and to knock an item off of the 2009 goal list.

The Blueberry Festival tournament held at Plymouth Rock is actually 4 different tournaments within a two day span. On the first day, they hold a 2-person best ball tournament in the morning, followed by an individual tournament in the afternoon. On the second day, they hold a 2-person scramble tournament in the morning, followed by another individual tournament (where you can play both days, or just one day). According to the director of the tournament, in the previous years the tournament would be 4-person, but for this year they decided to make it 2-person. To make things better (for us, at least) the tournament payed out prizes to the top teams in four flights, along with prizes for longest drive, closest to the pin, and longest putt on various holes.

I recruited Adam (from the Coyote Run round) to be my scramble partner, because I knew he has strengths in areas that I have weaknesses in. Still being somewhat of a noob, my only goal for the scramble was to be somewhat helpful throughout the round.

We started on the 17th hole, which is the course’s most popular hole, along with another team, Jason and Jerry. We had another foursome directly behind us (8 people starting on the 17th hole… no pressure…). The 17th hole is a straight 593 yard par-5 with thick trees bordering both sides. Adam teed off first, and hooked the ball into the trees on the left. (Once again, no pressure…) I teed off next and duffed the drive, which landed about 20 yards to the right of the tee box. I quickly walked to my cart, grab my next club, and headed toward the next shot, not looking back at that horrible shot. Adam and I quickly got our games back in gear, but only after shooting a triple bogey on the first hole of the scramble.

Things could only get better from that point. Nearly all of my drives were fairly straight and long. Adam didn’t feel too confident with his drives, so he teed off with a 3 wood the whole round. Most of the time, we would use my drive for our first shot. Adam typically provided the second shot, because he’s more consistent with his woods and irons. His shots would either get us on or really close to the green. To get us on the green, Adam was much more consistent than me. When it came down to putting, we were both fairly decent.

On paper, I feel Adam and I played a good round, considering our skill level. Throughout the round, we got 6 pars, 6 bogeys, 5 double bogeys and 1 triple bogey, making our round score a 91 (19 over par). The tournament had a total of 26 teams, and we placed 24th! At least we didn’t get last place, who shot a 95, I think. First place shot an 8 under par (and from what I hear, got eagles on two holes). Jason and Jerry (from our foursome) placed around 8th.

On top of that, on the 9th hole, I sank a putt (1-putted) from about 6-8 feet. After the putt, Jason told me the hole was one of the longest putt holes, and at that moment, I had the longest putt for the hole. I marked the spot and wrote my name down on the marker. I was the first one to make a long putt on the hole, and since it was very early in the round, I figured I had no chance in winning it. But I did win it! I won longest putt on the 9th hole! (Somehow.) For it, I recieved a $20 gift certificate to the course’s pro shop, which was quickly spent on some Nike golf balls and a Cleveland golf towel.

Overall, I had a great time at my first scramble. The weather was nice. The guys in my foursome were nice. Adam and I played as a team and helped each other out throughout the round… each contributing to a score that didn’t put us in last place. I’m happy with our 24th place, and I look forward to future scrambles.