As the end of the golf season and the beginning of cold weather is approaching, I’m trying to squeeze in a couple more rounds of golf in order to get somewhat close to meeting the 2009 goal list. A free Saturday in October gave me a perfect chance to meet up with a couple of friends at the Meadows Golf Club of Blue Island. Located in Blue Island, Illinois, approximately 20 miles south of downtown Chicago, the Meadows is an 18 hole regulation course that opened in 1994.

At first glance, the Meadows doesn’t look like a difficult course, but there are some parts that are a bit challenging. The course is not too flat, with small trees scattered between the holes, and it consists of five par-3 and four par-5 holes. Six of the holes touch a water hazard, and all holes except one contains sand traps near the greens. Two par-5 holes (the 10th and the 15th), are slight double doglegs, and the 11th hole, a 455 yard par-4 (from the back tees), is almost long enough to classify as a par-5 hole. The greens were fairly challenging also, with many of the holes placed next to slopes that pushed your ball away from the hole.

For this round, the course was pretty wet, due to the amount of rain the Chicagoland area recieved on Friday night. The course had quite a few little puddles of water, which made things interesting when you hit your ball around that area, and a couple of the sand traps could have been classified as water hazards.

I played the round with Mike, Matt, and Adam, all of which had a better round than me. I played really badly; my worst round to date. I consistently topped the ball, and had a lot of difficulty hitting the ball straight. My drives also did awkward things, which made the par-5 holes and the long par-4 holes even more difficult than they were originally. The greens were surprisingly fast considering the rain, and the slopes on the greens gave me a lot of trouble.

All of that aside, I did get lucky a few times. On the 2nd hole (a par-3), I teed off and landed on the green, but turned around a 3-putted for a bogey, and on the 6th hole (a par-4), I stringed a couple good shots together to get par. Thoughout the round, I got 1 par, 1 bogey, 7 double bogeys, and 9 “lets-just-forget-that-hole” scores. I 1-putted 1 time and 2-putted 9 times.

I ended up shooting a 127, thanks two to holes that I completely melted down on (if I didn’t play so badly on those holes, my score would have been around 115). Mike shot a 91, Adam shot a 102, and Matt shot a 111. During the round, we also played a side game called “Wolf”, which I’ll be explaining in an upcoming post. Mike won the side game with a score of 15, while Matt scored 9, Adam scored 7, and I scored 5.

I think I need to just get to the driving range a bit more often, and start working on hitting my 3 and 5 wood off the grass, which should make those par-5 holes a lot easier to handle.

Meadows Golf Club of Blue Island – Scores & Stats
Course length: 6,287 yards (white tee boxes)
Course par: 71
Course rating/slope: 68.1/114 (white tee boxes)
My score: 127 (56 over par)
Mike’s score: 91 (20 over par)
Adam’s score: 102 (31 over par)
Matt’s score: 111 (40 over par)

Meadows Golf Club of Blue Island
2802 W. 123rd St
Blue Island, IL 60406