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So… I’m a little late with this post, but that’s fine since the weather is very anti-golf right now (although I do respect some of you that golf in the snow). Luckily, I have a little buffer room to post messages like this.

As always, let me first thank those who gave me golf-related schwag for Christmas:

  • Beth – ChicagoGolfNoob.com embroidered Walter Hagen polo shirt (oh yeah… expanding the brand) and a golf scorecard keeper
  • Denise – brush golf tees (curious to see how these work out) and a golf-related article of clothing

Now… on to the year in review…


In July, I started entering my scores into oobgolf.com. From their statistics:

  • My handicap is 36.4
  • I’ve had a 119.2 scoring average
  • 20% of fairways hit
  • Average 2.2 putts per hole
  • 6.3% GIR (green in regulation)

2009 Goals

  • Average 3 rounds of golf each month for every month between April and October – I didn’t meet the goal, but I did get pretty close to it. Only one round was played in April, May, and June, but from July to October, I averaged around 3 courses per month.
  • Complete 25 rounds of golf on at least 20 new courses – I missed this goal by a lot. I think if I started playing earlier in the season, I would have gotten pretty close to the goal.
  • Break 100 (at least once) and consistently score better than 115 – I didn’t break 100, and I didn’t consistently score better than 115, although I did play 4 rounds where I scored 115 or better.
  • Play a full round of golf without losing more than 5 golf balls – I met this goal early in the season when I played a full round at Bonnie Dundee Golf Club without losing a ball. I can’t remember any rounds I played where I lost more than 5 balls.
  • Get a birdie on a par 4 – I haven’t gotten a birdie on a par 4 yet, but I did get a birdie on a par 3 at during my round at Cherry Valley Golf Course, which I think is just as impressive.
  • Play in a golf scramble – Adam and I played a scramble in September at Plymouth Rock Golf Course for their 2009 Blueberry 2-man Scramble. We finished in 24th place, which was not last place, and I won longest putt on the 9th hole.
  • Finish the course list in the ChicagoGolfNoob.com Golf Tracker – I was hoping to finish it, but it takes a lot of time to sit down and input data into the system. So far, the tracker has 92 courses listed, including field trip courses, and I’m about halfway through my “list” of courses that need to be entered. I’m thinking there will be about 150 courses when I’m done with the “list”.

Final Thoughts

I tend to play the most golf in the last half of the season, so this year I’m going to try to play more early in the season. Hopefully, playing earlier in the season will make this goal go faster. At the current pace, I should have the goal finished in 15 years (ha!), so I really need to start playing more courses that count toward the goal. As far as my game, I’m definitely starting to see some improvements in all aspects of my game, and I have gained more confidence in my game. I’m hoping to get a new set of clubs soon, which I think will help also.

Lastly, thanks to all who are following my progress, and those who come along for the ride. It definitely makes this project more fun and interesting.