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The weather is finally getting nice in Chicago, so its time to start thinking about my goals for the 2010 golf season. I learned a lot from the outcome of my 2009 goals, so that should give me a little help on creating more attainable goals.

Here they are:

  • Buy a new set of clubs – I think my old set of clubs were not really helping my game (and yes, I know… its the player, not the equipment… but only up to a point). If this doesn’t help my game physically, then I think it will at least help my game mentally.
  • Break 100 and score consistently better than 110 – I got very close to last year’s goal when I shot a 107 at Bonnie Dundee Golf Course. I think if I can eliminate little mistakes, then this year’s goal should be very attainable.
  • Average 3 rounds of golf each month for every month between April and October – This is one of the same goals as last year. In order to meet this goal, I need to play more in April, May, and June (which will probably be tough due to my current schedule).
  • Complete 20 rounds of golf on at least 15 new courses – I’m lowering this goal based on last year’s goal. Hopefully this is more attainable now.
  • Get a birdie on a par 4 – It’s going to happen this year… I just know it.
  • Play in 2 golf scrambles – I’m already planning on playing the Blueberry 2-man Scramble again, so I just need to find one more.
  • Finish the course list in the ChicagoGolfNoob.com Golf Tracker – Maybe I’ll actually finish it this year.

For this year, I’m really going to focus on playing new courses. Since this project is about playing all the courses in Chicagoland, playing new courses is obviously very important. Otherwise, this project will never get done.