Getting a new set of golf clubs was my first goal of the 2010 season. My first set of golf clubs (the set I received for my birthday in 2008) were OK… good enough for a brand new golfer trying to learn how to hit a ball, but as I played more and practiced more, I felt like a new set of clubs could help my game. Also, when I played the rounds, I tended to only use my driver, my putter, and my even-numbered irons (on top of that, my 6-iron was starting to split). I never had much luck with my fairway woods or my other irons, so I just stayed away from them.

So I started my search for new clubs, and it turned out to be a pretty short search. First, I was limited by a budget, and for my budget, there’s not much out there. I wanted to get a set of clubs that could last me a couple of years. I knew there was a couple brands I wanted to stay away from, and a couple brands I wanted to try out.

I decided to check out a couple sets of clubs at Golfsmith in Downers Grove, and I took Adam and Beth along for the ride (Adam was also looking into new clubs). I chose this location because it recently re-opened with an indoor driving range, a swing analysis system, and a custom fitting studio. They also charge a very cheap fee for golf fitting: $20, unless you buy a club from them, then it’s free. The prices for golf fittings is one thing that turned me away from purchasing from Dick’s Sporting Goods or Sports Authority, which both charge up near $80. I knew I wanted clubs and I knew I should get fitted, so I figured it would be best to get them at the same place.

Once we got to Golfsmith, one of their employees directed us to look around and find a couple of iron sets to try out. They had a pretty decent selection… if you aren’t on a budget. For my budget, I had 3-4 sets of clubs to choose from: a set from Callaway, a set from TaylorMade, and two sets from Lynx (Golfsmith’s house brand). I tried out the sets from TaylorMade and Lynx, and decided to go with the set from TaylorMade: TaylorMade Burner Plus. The Burner Plus irons are a bit longer than normal, which should help out my game, where I tend to top the ball a lot.

I also tried out the matching drivers from TaylorMade and Lynx. The both felt pretty good (for a noob), but I also ended up going with the TaylorMade: TaylorMade Burner.

As far as the hybrids and fairway woods, I decided to wait to purchase those, but I’ll probably end up getting a Burner 3 wood and a Burner Rescue 3 hybrid. And for my putter, I like the one I have now, so I’m just going to use that.

After I decided on my irons and my driver, the only other information that was needed from the guy helping us was my arm length, and then we were done. That’s it!

Really? That’s it? I kinda expected more out of this. I expected more of a custom fitting, which would leave me with a set of clubs that’s perfect for my height, arm length, play style, strengths, weaknesses, and so on. But it turns out that while I was testing the clubs, the guy helping me found out all he needed to know: I was a noob that needed a regular flex shaft. Fair enough, I guess. Maybe once I actually have a game then I’ll need clubs that are actually fitted to me.

So I’m pretty happy with my clubs, even if my budget was stretched a little bit. Of course, two days later, I see that Sports Authority has a sale on the exact same driver I bought. So I called up Golfsmith, and put their 115% Low Price Guarantee to the test. It only took about 15-20 minutes to get everything sorted out, and they told me I would get a refund for the difference, plus an extra 15%. A couple days later, I got $25 deposited back into my account. Nice!

So I’m all set for the new season, minus my hybrid and my fairway wood, but it’ll get me started.