To start a long holiday weekend, my friend Mike (yes, another Mike) and I played Silver Lake Country Club’s other 18-hole course, the North course. As I previously mentioned, Silver Lake Country Club consists of three courses: two 18-hole championship courses (the North and the South) and one 9-hole executive course (Rolling Hills). The North course is the longer of the two 18-hole courses, measuring at 6,826 yards from the back tees for a par of 72. The South course measures in at 6,337 yards from the back tees for a par of 70.

The North course consists of only three par-3 and three par-5 holes, and a lot of long par-4 holes, with the longest measuring in at 470 yards from the back tees. The fairways are longer and there are less water hazards and sand traps compared to the South course. Water hazards touch four of the holes, one of which being the par-3 18th hole, and the holes are fairly straight and flat; only three of the holes have a slight dogleg.

For the round, a single walk-on joined Mike and I. His name was Todd, or maybe Tom, and he had just graduated from a college in Iowa. Also, playing behind us, was three of Mike’s friends. It was nice having Mike’s friends behind us, because I didn’t feel like I had to rush to try to stay on pace. I think this aspect alone helped me have a really good round.

But things about this round were a bit odd. The last couple of rounds I’ve played, I’ve always had good luck with my drives, halfway decent putting, and terrible shots with my irons. Things seemed to get swapped around for this round. Nearly all of my drives sliced way right, or went straight with nearly no loft at all (on a good note though, I was still getting fairly good distance because the ball would roll forever). My iron shots made a great improvement, which I think it was because I was focusing on keeping my head down, not overpowering my shots, and just taking my time to make the shot. My approach shots with my pitching wedge were a little better, but were still lacking loft and would roll farther than I wanted. My putting was surprisingly horrible. I didn’t have any 1-putts, and had seven 3-putts, with the rest being 2-putts. I have no clue why it was so bad.

Mike had a fair round also (I think). It looked like he was playing well, but I could be completely wrong. Mike actually played a lot as a junior, and has played many rounds at Silver Lake. He has pretty good drives and iron shots, both of which get a lot of height. He didn’t keep track of his putts, so I can’t comment on how that went.

As for Todd/Tom, it seemed like he had a mediocre round. Sometimes he would have great drives/shots, and other times he would look like me when I first started (or my last round). I can’t really talk bad about his game though, because at least he got par on at least one hole.

Which is something I didn’t do. The best I could do is a bogey on three holes, and a lot of double bogeys or worse. Mike got par on four holes, bogey on six holes, and worse of the others. Mike and I actually had fairly similar scores, with the exception of a couple bad holes for me. On seven of the holes, Mike and I had the same score, and on eight of the holes, Mike was one or two strokes better.

All-in-all, it was a much better round for me. I felt that if I could have kept my drives straight and 3-putted less, I could have easily broken 100. I ended up shooting a 111, which is my 2nd personal best, and Mike shot a 94. I heard Mike’s score was better than all his friends that were playing behind us… which, in the end, is all that matters.

Silver Lake Country Club – Scores & Stats
North course length: 6,457 yards (white tee boxes)
North course par: 72
North course rating/slope: 71.0/120 (white tee boxes)
My score: 111 (39 over par)
Mike’s score: 94 (22 over par)

Silver Lake Country Club
14700 S. 82nd Ave.
Orland Park, IL 60462