My first scramble of the 2010 season occured over Labor Day weekend at Plymouth Rock Golf Course, located in Plymouth, Indiana, for their Blueberry 2-Person Scramble. The scramble is part of the Marshall County Blueberry Festival. This is the same scramble that Adam and I played in last year (where we placed 24th out of 26 with our score of 91).

The Blueberry Festival tournament at Plymouth Rock is four different tournaments within a two day span. On the first day, they hold a 2-person best ball tournament in the morning, followed by an individual tournament in the afternoon. On the second day, they hold a 2-person scramble tournament in the morning, followed by another individual tournament (where you can play both days, or just one day). The tournament pays out prizes to the top teams in each flight, along with prizes for longest drive, closest to the pin, and longest putt on various holes.

Once again, I recruited Adam as my teammate, hoping to improve on our score from last year. This year, we went into the scramble with the mantra “bogey or better”, which would put our score at 90 or better. I felt this score was very obtainable, since we both have improved over the last year (and we both have new sets of clubs).

We started this year on the 14th hole, a 177 yard par-3, with a father/son team, Eric and Russ. Eric and Russ actually won the 2-person scramble last year, thanks to two eagles they made during their round. Luckily this time, we didn’t have a crowd watching us tee off. It took me a while to get warmed up with my tee shots. I kept on topping the ball, or hitting it with a very low trajectory. My drives didn’t start getting better until after 9 or 10 holes. Luckily, Adam was having good luck with his tee shots, so we mostly used his shots. For approach shots and chips, both Adam and I had good shots and bad shots, so it was really random who’s shots we used. As for putting, I feel like I had the most trouble. Most of my putts were just slightly off to the left or right; I couldn’t seem to sink any putt.

I should mention that Eric had some amazing tee shots. Not all of his drives were the best, but when he made a nice drive, it was long… really long. In fact, Eric won longest drive on the 18th hole, a 315 yard par-4, with a drive that landed on the edge of the green… a 300+ yard drive. Russ had some great drives too. He was very consistent with his shots, and made up for Eric’s occasional bad drives.

Like last year, we had the most trouble on the 17th hole, a 593 yard par-5. Our tee shot sliced right into the woods, and our approach shots were just not accurate. We ended up shooting a triple bogey on that hole again. The rest of the round was very similar to bogey golf. We shot seven pars, six bogeys, four double bogeys, and one triple bogey, putting our round score at 89 (17 over par).

Our score of 89 put us in 22nd place out of 26 teams; the same number of teams as last year. We were 2nd in our flight, but won nothing for it. The first place team shot a 67. The last place team shot a 105. Eric and Russ took 4th place with a score of 69, I think.

Once again, we were happy we didn’t get last place, we were happy we got placed with a great team, but we were even more happy we met our “bogey or better” goal. Next year, we are going to strive to make “bogey or better” on every hole, including that difficult 17th hole, in order to get a score better than 89.