I finished the long Labor Day weekend with one more golf scramble: the Tri Way Labor Day 2-Person Scramble. I initially didn’t know about this scramble, until I saw it listed in the Blueberry Festival program the day before Plymouth Rock’s 2-Person Scramble. I figured this scramble would be a good way to complete another goal for the season.

The scramble was held at Tri Way Golf Club, which is just 4 miles north of Plymouth Rock Golf Course, located in Plymouth, Indiana. The course has been family designed, owned and operated since 1966. The course offers both 4-person and 2-person golf scrambles throughout the season, including a 4-person scramble the day before Labor Day and this 2-person scramble on Labor Day.

The course features four par-3 and three par-5 holes for a total par of 71 at a length of 6,250 yards from the back tees. The par-3 holes are fairly long, ranging from 165 yards to 235 yards from the back tees. The fairway are mostly straight and flat on the front nine and narrow and hilly on the back nine, and all fairways are surrounded by medium- to large-sized trees. Two of the holes are doglegs: the 8th hole, a 490 yard par-5 (which is almost a double dogleg), and the 16th hole, a 510 yard par-5. Water hazards touch seven of the holes, four of which you must carry your shot over. Sand traps are sparsely found near the greens on just eight holes. Greens are a decent size with some challenging breaks.

For this scramble, I recruited Dirk (from my first round at Plymouth Rock and my second round at Broken Arrow). Dirk is still learning how to play, but he occasionally has some nice drives and approach shots, so I figured this would be a fun, laid-back scramble to finish the holiday weekend.

We started the scramble on the 8th hole, the 490-yar par-5 that seemed like a double dogleg, with two regulars to the golf course, Bill and Dave (a.k.a. Doc). They actually told us the coordinator of the scramble intentionally paired us with them because they thought we were out-of-towners who didn’t know the course. Nice guess.

I felt like the round went pretty well. Dirk was hitting some nice drives, equally contributing to the shots we would play, and my drives were much better than the scramble the day before, although I did have a couple drives that sliced right into another fairway, scaring the group behind us. Our approach shots were random, with both of us contributing to good shots and bad shots, and pretty much the same for our putting. I wasn’t really expecting much out of this round, except to just have fun playing another scramble, and I did have a good time. I think I started to get a little more comfortable with my drives (and I might have figured out some things I was doing wrong), and Dirk got to learn a little more about the game. Even better, Bill and Dave were nice guys who didn’t mind playing the round with a couple noobs.

We ended up shooting a 96 (25 over par), which broke down into four pars, five bogeys, seven double bogeys, and two triple bogeys. Out of 16 teams in the scramble, we got last place! In fact, we got last place by 14 strokes! For some reason, I found this pretty amusing, and was very proud of our last place status. The first place team shot a 65, and Bill and Dave shot in the low 70’s. The only thing I didn’t like about this scramble was it was a flightless tournament, and last place didn’t get a consolation prize. But, hey, what can you expect?