Finishing off the weekend, I played a round at Indian Boundary Golf Course, near the west side of Chicago, approximately 15 miles from downtown Chicago. Indian Boundary is part of the Forest Preserve Golf courses, which operates ten golf courses throughout Chicagoland (including Chick Evans and Billy Caldwell, two other courses I have played so far). Like all other Forest Preserve Golf courses, Indian Boundary is a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary.

The course features four par-3 and four par-5 holes for a course par of 72 at a length of 6,068 yards from the back tees. The fairways are very wide open, pretty flat, and are surrounded by large trees. You will not find any houses backing up to the fairways. All of the holes are pretty straight, with the exception of four holes that have a slight dogleg. Water only touches four holes, and you must carry water on only the 8th hole, a 130 yard par-3. Water does touch two of the holes pretty closely though: the 7th hole, a 344 yard par-4 dogleg, and the 16th hole, a 468 yard par-5 dogleg. The only unfortunate thing about this course is the water hazard near the 16th is almost gone; as in, the water level is very, very low. Sand traps are found mostly next to the greens, but some areas near the fairways look like they were shaped to be sand traps at one time. The greens are a decent size with some challenging breaks. Compared to the other two Forest Preserve Golf courses I’ve played, Indian Boundary seems to be very well maintained. There appeared to be a notable difference between the grass for the rough and the grass for the fairways, which is different than the other two courses I’ve played. Indian Boundary is the same price as Chick Evans, about the same distance from downtown Chicago, and is a much nicer course to play on.

For this round, I played with three other members of the Chicago Co-Ed Golf Meetup Group, Sharad, Patrick and Evaline. Our group was actually one of five groups in a regular outing by the meetup group; 20 golfers total (including Susie, from the Villa Olivia round). The group consisted of many different levels of players; from “hackers” (Evaline said she was a “hacker”, but I think she was just holding back) to golfers with handicaps in the single-digits. I would say that Sharad and Patrick were in the middle, and played a little better than my level.

I felt like I played a good round. Maybe it was because I was actually playing well, or because the course was wide open and forgiving to beginners. My drives were mostly straight, and when they were straight, they were pretty long. I felt really comfortable with my drives, and I took my time setting up and remembering my focus points before each drive. I didn’t feel rushed and I didn’t feel like I overpowered my drives, which probably helped me a lot. My iron shots were good and accurate. I think I topped the ball only a couple of times. My tee shots with my irons on the par-3 holes were much improved over the last couple of rounds. My putting wasn’t the best on the front nine, but a little better on the back nine. I missed a lot of putts by a very small margin. I 1-putted just once and 3-putted six times.

This round had all the makings of a sub-100 round. I made par on just one hole, but made bogey on nine holes and double bogey on five holes. The only thing that killed me was the 16th hole, the 468 yard par-5 dogleg. I ended up shooting a 10 on that hole (5 over par), thanks to a small gathering of trees on the right side of the fairway (which I hit a couple of times), and the nearly-drained water hazard. If it wasn’t for that hole, or maybe a couple of 3-putts, I would have broken 100. I shot a 102 for the round (30 over par); 49 on the front nine and 53 on the back nine.

I think Indian Boundary is a great course for beginners and intermediate players, but may be a little too short and easy for experienced golfers. The course’s greens fees are competitive with other courses in the area, and is one of the cheapest courses out of all of the Forest Preserve Golf courses. If you ever get a chance to play this course, do it.

Indian Boundary Golf Course – Scores & Stats
Course length: 5,499 (white tee boxes)
Course par: 72
Course rating/slope: 65.8/110 (white tee boxes)
My score: 102 (30 over par)

Indian Boundary Golf Course
8600 W Forest Preserve Avenue
Chicago, IL 60634