Another season has ended, and a new season is about to begin, so it’s probably about time I do my year in review…


I am still entering all of my scores into From their statistics (based on the last 20 scores):

  • My handicap is 33.4
  • I’ve had a 107.9 scoring average
  • 35.3% of fairways hit
  • Average 2.11 putts per hole
  • 8.9% GIR (green in regulation)

All of those statistics are an improvement from 2009.

2010 Goals

  • Buy a new set of clubs – This was the first goal I accomplished (and first thing I did) in the 2010 season. Read about them here.
  • Break 100 and score consistently better than 110 – I didn’t break 100, but I got really close. I shot a 102 at Indian Boundary Golf Course, and if two 9-hole rounds counted, I would have shot a 101 at Fountain Hills Golf Club. My average score for 70+ par courses was 112.2, which means another goal was missed by a small margin. If I didn’t shoot that 137 at Silver Lake Country Club – “South”, I would have averaged right at 110.
  • Average 3 rounds of golf each month for every month between April and October – I didn’t play any rounds in April or June, but I did average 5 rounds a month the other months (including 10 rounds in July).
  • Complete 20 rounds of golf on at least 15 new courses – Completed! As mentioned above, I played 25 rounds on 20 new courses that count toward the goal.
  • Get a birdie on a par 4 – I managed to do this once on a lucky shot at White Mountain Executive Golf Course.
  • Play in 2 golf scrambles – I completed this goal in one weekend by playing the 2010 Blueberry 2-Person Scramble and Tri Way Labor Day 2-Person Scramble.
  • Finish the course list in the Golf Tracker – I still haven’t finished this. Hopefully I can focus on finishing this in 2011.

Final Thoughts

I think 2010 was a good year for the project. 25 rounds played, with 20 new courses completed, is a respectable statistic. I’m doubtful I’ll be able to play that much in 2011, but we’ll see. If I keep with the current pace, I’ll complete the project in about 6-7 years (which is much better than 15 years, which I projected last year).

As far as my game, I definitely think the new clubs helped, but I also went to the driving range more, which is always good. I am much for confident and consistent with my driver and my irons, although I do still have a slight slice. I’m confident I can break 100 in 2011.

And once again, I want to say ‘Thank You!’ to all who are following my progress, and joining me along the way. As I continue on, I’m meeting a lot of people that are following me, joining me, and helping me complete this project, which just makes this even more fun.