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Goals for the 2011 Golf Season

Posted by cjsharp1 on March 28, 2011 in News 4 Comments

Here we go. Another golf season is kicking off as the weather is starting to warm up. It looks like I’m going to get to play my first round of the year on the first weekend of April. So before I begin the season, here are the goals I’ve set for myself:

  • Break 100 – This is my main goal for the year, and I know it’s going to happen. I got so close many times last year, most notably when I shot a 102 at Indian Boundary Golf Course, and if two 9-hole rounds counted, I would have shot a 101 at Fountain Hills Golf Club.
  • Score an average of 105 – This number has slowly been going down over the years (115 in 2009 and 110 in 2010), and each year I missed the goal by an average of 2-4 strokes. I could take the easy road and keep the number at 110, but what fun is that?
  • Play 20 rounds of golf on 15 new courses – I’m carrying over this goal again this year. I’m already planning on playing 14 new courses, so this goal should be fairly easy to meet.
  • Birdie a par 5 – I have a feeling I’m going to struggle with this goal, since I haven’t gotten comfortable hitting with my fairway wood or my hybrid. This should give me a reason to practice more with those clubs.
  • Two birdies in one round – Just throwing this in here. It could happen, and it will eventually happen.
  • Four pars in one round – Same as above.
  • Play a full round without 3-putting – This probably will have a direct correlation with breaking 100. I think I’ve come close to meeting this goal a couple times in the past.
  • Finish the course list in the Golf Tracker – I should be able to finish it this year. A couple weeks ago, I [hopefully] completed the list of Illinois courses, and the course count was at 156. All I have left are the courses in northwest Indiana, and maybe a couple missing courses in Illinois.

Since I’ve been actively using to keep my scores and track my statistics, I’m going to throw in a couple more technical goals. Note that these goals will be based on the last 20 rounds that I’ve played:

  • Lower handicap to 30 or less – In 2009 my handicap was 36.4, and in 2010 it was 33.4. So, if the pattern continues, I should be pretty close to meeting this goal.
  • Raise fairway hit percentage to 45% – Right now, it’s at 40%. (Update: This was wrong. It was actually 35.3%.)
  • Raise green-in-regulation percentage to 10% – Right now, it’s at 8.9%.
  • Lower average putts to 2 – Right now, it’s at 2.11.

There they are. I made plenty of goals for myself, many of which are easily attainable. Let the season begin!

One great thing about playing golf in Chicago is that you can always find deals on rounds of golf. Over the last six months or so, I’ve been lucky to find a lot of deals, whether through deal-of-the-day websites or from coupons from the Chicago Golf Show. So, here’s a quick look-ahead about some of the courses I will be playing:

  • The Links of Carillon (Plainfield, IL) – One of my first coupons to expire (June 1st). It looks like a nice, open course, and is made up of three 9-hole courses.
  • Tuckaway Golf Club (Crete, IL) – I think I tried to play this course last year, but never got around to it. It looks like a really beautiful course, with a lot of trees surrounding the fairways.
  • Pheasant Run Resort (St. Charles, IL) – A golf course on a resort. It has to be good!
  • Carriage Greens Golf Course (Darien, IL) – One of my last coupons to expire. Looks to be a nice, flat, open course.
  • Ravisloe Country Club (Homewood, IL) – I’m excited to play this course, because I know people who work there, or have worked there in the past. I keep hearing good things about Ravisloe.
  • Makray Memorial Golf Club (Barrington, IL) – This is another course I tried to play last year, but ran out of time. Hopefully I’ll have time to play the course with the coupon I have, which expires at the end of May.
  • Crystal Tree Country Club (Orland Park, IL) – This will actually be my first round at a private course. A club member is graciously inviting me on for a round. I can’t wait!
  • South Shore Golf Course (Chicago, IL) – One of the first 9-hole courses scheduled. This should be a good warm-up for the 2011 season.
  • Buffalo Grove Golf Club (Buffalo Grove, IL) – This is a scheduled outing with the meet-up group… always a good time!
  • Meadowlark Golf Course (Hinsdale, IL) – Another 9-hole course (one of two 9-hole courses that is part of the Forest Preserve Golf courses).
  • Downers Grove Golf Course (Downers Grove, IL) – Another scheduled outing with the meet-up group.
  • Flagg Creek Golf Course (Countryside, IL) – I’ve heard a lot about this 9-hole course. I’m looking forward to playing it.
  • Highland Woods Golf Course (Hoffman Estates, IL) – Once again, another scheduled outing with the meet-up group. We’re hitting a lot of courses!
  • George Dunne Golf Course (Oak Forest, IL) – And another scheduled outing with the meet-up group.

Wow… That’s 14 courses already planned, and not to mention any other rounds I might pick up in between. At this rate, I might be able to hit the 50 mark on the number of courses completed in the project.

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