Over the weekend, I played the second course at White Pines Golf Club: the East course. White Pines Golf Club is located in Bensenville, Illinois, approximately 25 miles northwest of Chicago, and is part of the Bensenville Park District. The golf club offers two 18-hole courses: the West course, a 6,624 yard par-72 course, and the East course, a 6,371 yard par-70 course. The golf club also runs the White Pines Golf Dome from the end of October to the beginning of May.

The East course features five par-3 and three par-5 holes. From what I’ve been told (and from what I experienced), the East course is more difficult than the West course. The fairways are narrower compared to the West course, and the par-4’s seem to be a bit longer. Similar to the West course, the fairways are relatively flat and surrounded by large trees. Water touches 13 holes, mostly in the form of small creeks that you could jump over. Water hazards are much bigger on the 11th hole, a 192 yard par-3, the 12th hole, a 355 yard par-4, and the 13th hole, a 183 yard par-3. On those three holes, you’ll need to carry your tee shot over a pond. Sand traps are found on all holes, either near the fairways or the greens, or both. The greens are standard size and don’t seem to be too difficult, though when I played, the pin placement seemed to be fairly challenging. All-in-all, the course seemed very well maintained, although the grass was a little higher than normal (the other guys in my round had this complaint also).

I played this round with three members in my league flight from the Windy City Golf League: Kent, David, and Felix (same guy from my round at Oak Meadows). As expected, we all played around the same level, but some of us seemed to have a little more luck than others.

I think I was the one with the least luck. I had a lot of trouble with keeping my drives straight and/or finding sliced balls. My tee shot on the 1st hole, a 401 yard par-4, was actually the best amongst the group, but it still pushed right, then somehow, I couldn’t find the ball. I ended up losing two balls on the 17th hole, a 547 yard par-5 that doglegs right but has a high fence (out of bounds) down the side of the fairway. I ended up marking five penalty shots throughout the round. Slicing by drives wasn’t bad enough; I couldn’t hit my iron shots straight either… they also went right! Aside from that, I found myself chunking the ball a couple times (and to think I had a problem topping the ball less than a year ago). My approach shots and chip were random, but still felt better than my iron shots, and my putting was decent, but nothing spectacular.

I ended up shooting a 112 for the round (42 over par), with a 57 on the front nine and a 55 on the back nine. My round consisted of one par, one bogey, and a bunch of double bogeys or worse.  I made way too many double bogeys. I 1-putted five times and 3-putted six times. Kent shot a 110, Felix shot a 103, and David shot a 102 (with a birdie on the 5th hole, a 289 yard par-4). I was really hoping to shoot in the 100’s (and of course I wanted to break 100), since I played so well during my last round at Hickory Hills. Maybe that round (or this round) was just a fluke. Maybe I was just over-confident. Maybe it was the high grass. Or maybe it’s just a tough course.

White Pines Golf Club – East Course – Scores & Stats
East course length: 5,893 yards (white tee boxes)
East course par: 70
East course rating/slope: 69.0/122 (white tee boxes)
My score: 112 (42 over par)

White Pines Golf Club
500 West Jefferson
Bensenville, IL 60106