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Over the long holiday weekend, I got a chance to break away and play a quick round at Plymouth Rock Golf Course in Plymouth, Indiana. I’ve played this course a couple times now, twice with Adam for the Blueberry 2-Person Scramble (both in 2009 and 2010), and one regular round with Dirk. Since everyone had their own holiday plans this year, I played this round alone. In fact, hardly anyone was playing at the course. On the front nine, I caught up and passed a foursome and a twosome, and on the back nine, I saw maybe three people at the most. Much of the back nine, I didn’t see anyone.

The low amount of people playing the course isn’t much of a surprise, since Plymouth is a fairly small town in northern Indiana, about an hour and a half drive from Chicago. Also, Plymouth Rock is not the only (or necessarily the best) golf course in the area. A couple miles down the road from it, you’ll find Tri-Way Golf Course, which seems to have more of a following (and also had a 2-person scramble the same day I played). Also close by to Plymouth, you’ll find Swan Lake Resort & Golf Club, which home to the United States Golf Academy, as well as two championship courses. About 30 minutes from Plymouth, you’ll also find Mystic Hills Golf Club in Culver, Indiana, which is a Pete Dye designed course. Anyway, for $30 with cart, Plymouth Rock is worth a quick round.

I wasn’t expecting much out of the round. I really just wanted to get out and play. The last time I even swung a club was over two weeks ago (I understand that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but oh well).

Surprisingly, I played really well. My drives were mostly straight or pushed right. Anytime I hit right, I usually had a good recovery shot to get me back into play. I got lucky a couple times too, somehow finding my ball in the high grass. Also, the high grass on the back nine that usually gave me trouble was cut a lot lower than normal. I was playing really well with my long irons, and I had some great (and not so great) shots with my short irons. My approach and chip shots were pretty good, usually setting me up for decent putt. My putting was really good, mostly my lag putting, which set me up for short, easy 2nd putts.

As I said, I played pretty well. I ended up shooting a 96! This broke down to a 46 on the front nine and a 50 on the back nine. Throughout the round, I made two pars, nine bogeys, six double bogeys, and one triple bogey. I also had no 3-putts! I had three 1-putts and the rest were 2-putts. So I met two goals in one round, and most importantly, I finally broke 100! I’d say it was a pretty good day.