This weekend marked the end of the 2011 Spring Season of the Windy City Golf League. I thought I would speak a little on how I played throughout the season, and also what I liked and what I disliked about the league.

Throughout the 12-week season, I played 8 matches during 5 rounds, and finished with 1600 points, which put me tied for 4th place before going into the end-of-season Arghe Isle Cup Tournament. The person in 1st place had 5700 points, while 2nd and 3rd place had 2675 and 2400 points, respectively. Out of the 8 matches, I won 3 of them, with an adjusted scoring average of 111. I decided not to play the Arghe Isle Cup tournament, because I was way too far back in the points standing to jump into 1st place even if I beat everyone in my group, and I had an out-of-town event that would have been hard to work around.

As I mentioned in my introductory post to the Windy City Golf League, the main idea of the league is its flexibility: you play matches wherever you want with whomever you want in your league flight for as many times as you want throughout the season. While I still think this concept is a great idea for a golf league, I definitely see that it has a couple of drawbacks. First, your matches are controlled by other people’s schedules. If your schedule doesn’t match up with someone else’s schedule, you won’t be able to play matches. In fact, the person who took 1st place played nearly all of his matches during the weekdays, and that’s just something I couldn’t do. Second, a lot of people who signed up for the league didn’t play a single round throughout the season, which limited the number of people who would actually play rounds (I would say only 60% of the people who signed up actually played, and 30% played regularly). These two drawbacks make me want to try a regular golf league, because when I have time (or scheduled time) to play a round, I want to make it count towards the league. Throughout the season, there were many weekends where I had an opening to play a round, but no one else was available to play.

So coming off of my first golf league, I have mixed feelings towards it. I think if I had a more flexible schedule where I could play rounds during the week, then I would have enjoyed it more. I love the flexibility to play different courses around my schedule, but playing in a league where the time, place, and opponent are scheduled would probably appeal to me more, just so I can get in more matches. All-in-all, I had a good time, met some nice people, and knocked a couple courses of the list along the way.