Right after my round at Glendale Lakes Golf Club, I headed down to Ravisloe Country Club in Homewood, Illinois, located approximately 25 miles south of downtown Chicago. Ravisloe Country Club was established in 1901 as a private course. The course was renovated and redesigned between 1917 and 1919 by Donald Ross, who also designed the popular Beverly Country Club in Chicago, as well as many other courses through the United States. In 2008, the course closed its doors and was put up for sale. The property was almost turned into land for a subdivision, until the new owner stepped in and purchased the course, then made it a public course, in 2009.

The course features five par-3 and three par-5 holes for a total par of 70 at a length of 6,321 yards from the back tees. The course just has two sets of tees. The rolling fairways are surrounded by large trees, as you can expect from a course that has been around for over 100 years. The fairways are relatively straight, but they are deceiving due to the placement of fairway bunkers. Accuracy off the tee is essential land your shot in the fairway, and driving the ball far may not be a good choice in some situations. Bunkers are found on every hole, both near the fairways and the greens, and they are very deep, nearly resembling pot bunkers you’ll find on “links-style” courses. The bunkers provide a lot of the difficulty of the course, since they are strategically placed in fairways and protect the greens on nearly every hole. Water only comes into play on three holes, all of which you need to carry over it. On the 7th hole (a 203 yard par-3), you’ll carry over a small pond to the green, while on the 14th hole (a 410 yard par-4) and 15th hole (a 146 yard par-3), you’ll carry over a small creek on your tee shot. The greens are of average size and are fairly challenging, as you can expect.

I personally think Ravisloe is a great course. The fairways, bunkers, and greens seemed to be in good condition, although when we played, the greens were somewhat hard and fast. The layout of the course and the positioning of the bunkers, along with the rolling hills of the fairways, just makes this course look really nice. On top of that, the clubhouse is beautiful, and its architecture is that of a Spanish-style building. I’m glad the new owner made the course public, so people can get out and see what a great course they have.

I started this round with Dirk, then Ryann later joined us for the back nine. The round took a little longer than we expected, due to some sporadic weather that passed over us. Dirk and I finished five holes before we headed to the clubhouse, and stayed there until the inclement weather passed, about a 30 minute break. Then at the tee box of the 13th hole, we sought shelter from the rain for another 30 minutes. After this break, the rain let up slightly and sunset was less than 90 minutes away, so Dirk, Ryann and I played the last six holes at a faster pace. We ended up finishing the last six holes in around 45 minutes.

So as you can guess, this wasn’t a normal round for me, and it would be hard to accurately gauge how I played. I can say that, for the most part, I feel like I played better this round than my morning round at Glendale Lakes. My drives were pretty random, but I think I was starting to pick back up some of the things I needed to do to make them go straight. One thought I tried to keep in mind was proper shifting of my weight, and hitting through the ball. I only really heavily sliced my drive maybe once or twice; all other drives were just a push or a pull. My iron shots were pretty random too, and they only got worse once I sped up my play for the last six holes. I thought my wedge play was decent, and my putting was pretty good throughout the whole round, even before and after the rain hit and started slowing down the greens. I 1-putted four times and 3-putted once.

I shot a 106 for the round (36 over par, 50 on the front nine, 56 on the back nine). I did manage to make par on just the 4th hole (a 181 yard par-3). Other than that, I made four bogeys and a lot of double and triple bogeys. Dirk shot a 64 on the front nine, and stopped keeping score when Ryann joined us. Ryann, of course, played as awesome as ever. Honestly, I think I walked away from this one with a better score than what I should have. I somehow avoided all bunkers except for one, and in that one, I got out of it in a fashion that made me look like I was a scratch golfer. So, all-in-all, it was a decent round at a beautiful course to end a day of golfing.

Ravisloe Country Club – Scores & Stats
Course length: 6,321 yards (back tee boxes)
Course par: 70
Course rating/slope: 70.8/127 (back tee boxes)
My score: 106 (36 over par)

Ravisloe Country Club
18231 South Park Avenue
Homewood, IL 60430