Over the last month or so, there were some significant milestones for ChicagoGolfNoob.com. I thought I would just take a minute to say a couple words about them.

I got married to my girlfriend of 5+ years, Beth, on August 27th at Crystal Tree Country Club in Orland Park, Illinois. This is a private course, but I am lucky enough to know a member of the club, so I will soon be playing the course. Our ceremony overlooked the fairway on the 1st hole (a 432 yard par-4 where your tee shot is downhill and your approach shot is uphill). This beautiful view was just a small factor in what made the wedding so nice.

Yes… It’s that time of the year again. I didn’t get a lot of golf-related gifts this year though. The only thing I got (and I appreciate this greatly) was a box Titleist NXT golf balls. I’ve been wanting to try these golf balls for a while now, since they are supposedly the model of Titleist golf balls that are fitted to my game. I look forward to using these in the next couple of rounds. Thanks, Sarah and Adam!

I’ve been very lucky this season. Between all the wedding planning, holidays, family events, and other things (like the weather), I’ve gotten to play a lot of golf this season (a lot more than I initially thought I would get to play). As of this writing (including two rounds at courses I have not posted), I’ve been able to play 22 rounds of golf at 18 new courses (4 of which are rounds at field trip courses). On top of that, I should be able to complete an additional 3-4 new courses by the end of the season.

Even though it was a goal for this year, I’ll mention that I’ve lowered my handicap to below 30 (according to oobgolf.com), sitting currently at 29.7. This may not sound like a big milestone (a handicap of 30 is still pretty bad), but it just shows the progress I’ve made over the years. Since I’ve reached that goal for this year, I’m hoping I can take it down even further over the next couple of months.

I know I mentioned this a couple posts back, but I think it is very cool that I got nominated for CBS Chicago’s Most Valuable Blogger Awards. I’ve had a lot of positive support from my friends and followers, and I truly appreciate being nominated.

100 Posts
This post is actually my 100th post on ChicagoGolfNoob.com. I think this is a big milestone, since many new blogs rarely get to 100 posts. I guess in a project like this one, it’s easy to hit that mark early, since I’m writing about every course I play. I’m hoping to start writing some more beginner-related posts in the future, which should help get me to the 200 post mark fairly quickly.

So, if you are reading this, and you’ve either voted for me in Chicago’s MVB awards, played a round of golf with me this season, helped me improve my game and lower my handicap, given me a golf-related gift (or any gift actually), or gotten married to me, I truly appreciate it.

Thank you.