Another weekend of golf takes Adam and I to Old Oak Country Club in Homer Glen, Illinois, located approximately 30 miles southwest of downtown Chicago. Old Oak is a family-owned course that was built in 1926, on land that was originally part of Lockport, Illinois. When you play the course, be sure to check if you are teeing off on the 1st hole or the 10th hole, because they do allow teeing off on either hole throughout the day.

The course features four par-3 and three par-5 holes for a total par of 71 at a length of 6,609 yards from the back tees. Moving up to the next tees, the length drops down to 6,239 yards, then down to 5,298 yards on the forward tees. The fairways are mostly straight, though are narrow in many places, and are surrounded my large thick trees. As you make your way away from the clubhouse (from the 4th to 9th hole on the front nine and from the 10th to 15th hole on the back nine), the fairways get a little more hilly, and you’ll find most of the water hazards and the thickest trees. Water hazards touch six of the holes, four of which you’ll need to carry over on your tee shot. Bunkers are found on all but two holes, mostly next to the greens. The sand in the bunkers seemed thinner or lighter than what I’m normally used to from other Chicagoland courses. I mention this because I felt like I didn’t have as much difficulty getting out of the sand. The undulating greens were average in size, and had somewhat challenging pin positions.

I feel like I played a decent round, though there was a lot of areas that could have been better. For my tee shots, I switched back and forth between my driver and my fairway wood throughout the round, and I had some difficulty with both at times. I found myself mishitting my fairway wood tee shots, mostly topping the ball, and I was still pushing my tee shots with my driver. Luckily, recovery shots with my fairway wood or hybrid seemed to get me back in play. My iron shots were mostly good with distance, but not so much with accuracy. I found myself in the sand many times throughout the round, but as I mentioned above, I didn’t have a lot of difficulty getting out of it. In fact, I think my sand shots were some of the best shots I made throughout the round. My other wedge shots were pretty good, though I could still improve with distance control in my short game. My putting was generally OK, but nothing spectacular. I ended up just 3-putting twice, with no 1-putts.

I ended up shooting a 108 for the round (37 over par, 54 on the front nine, 54 on the back nine). This consisted of seven bogeys, five double bogeys, and all others worse. I had four sand shots and four penalty shots (mostly from shots into the thick trees). I need to work a bit more on consistency with my tee shots, because I’m making too many mistakes off the tee.

Old Oak Country Club – Scores & Stats
Course length: 6,239 yards (blue tee boxes)
Course par: 71
Course rating/slope: 69.1/123 (white tee boxes)
My score: 108 (37 over par)

Old Oak Country Club
14200 S. Parker Rd.
Homer Glen, IL 60491