Let’s get right to it… On to my year in review for the 2012 golf season.


According to my statistics on oobgolf.com (based on the last 20 scores):

  • My handicap is 24.8
  • I’ve had a 103.6 scoring average
  • 35% of fairways hit
  • Average 2.07 putts per hole
  • 10.2% GIR (green in regulation)

These statistics, with the exception of the fairways hit and average putts per hole, are an improvement over the 2011 golf season.

2012 Goals

  • Break 90 – I didn’t meet this goal this season. The closest I got was 92.
  • Score an average of 100 – While I did lower my scoring average compared to the previous season, I didn’t hit this goal. It did seem like I was in the 90’s more often this season though.
  • Play 20 rounds of golf on 15 new courses –  As you can see above, I played 30 rounds of golf, including 23 rounds at new courses.
  • Birdie a par 5 – Let’s just skip this one and focus on the eagle below…
  • Two birdies in one round – I didn’t meet this goal, though I know I was close many times. Does an eagle count as two birdies?
  • Eagle – I knocked this one off the list really early in the season when I luckily made an eagle on the par-5 6th at Fresh Meadow Golf Club.
  • Five pars in one round – It’s a little hard to consider this completed, because I did make seven pars at Edgebrook Golf Course, but it was a pretty short course. Let’s just say I met this goal…

For the more technical goals (based on the last 20 scores):

  • Lower handicap to 23 or less – I got somewhat close with a 24.8.
  • Raise fairway hit percentage to 42% – Nope. Fairways hit actually went down.
  • Raise green-in-regulation percentage to 11% – This did go up a little to 10.2%, but I didn’t meet the goal.
  • Lower average putts to 1.9 – This actually got worse with a 2.07. I need to eliminate 3-putts.

Final Thoughts

The 2012 golf season was equally as productive as the 2011 golf season. 30 rounds played, with 23 new courses completed… I’m pretty happy with that. Much like 2011, I didn’t think I would get to play that often in 2012. A couple open weekends gave me the opportunity to play more rounds than normal. As of right now, I’m a little under halfway done with the project. If I keep this pace, I should be able to complete the project in 4-5 years.

As far as my game, I still think my drives are getting better and straighter, but I still want to get a bit more distance out of them. At least I’m starting to see more distance out of my irons. Maybe this year I’ll focus a little more on my short game and try to eliminate those 3-putts.

And just how I ended the last two years in review, I really want to say ‘Thank You!’ to all who are following my progress, and joining me along the way.