Golf season is upon us, so it’s time to set the goals for 2013. Here they are:

  • Break 90 – Once again I’m starting with this. I got really close to meeting this last season, so I think it’s time to knock this off the list this season.
  • Score an average of 100 – I’m rolling this goal over from last season to this season. This number was going down over the years (115 in 2009110 in 2010105 in 2011, and 100 in 2012), but at some time it’s bound to level off. Maybe this is when it begins? I hope not.
  • Play 20 rounds of golf on 15 new courses – Once again, I’m carrying over this goal from last year. If things go like they have the last two years, I should be able to meet this goal fairly easily.
  • Birdie a par 5 – While I did get an eagle in 2012, I’m carrying this goal over from 2012.
  • Two birdies in one round – Also carrying this goal over from 2012.
  • Eagle – Let’s do this again! Par 4… par 5… doesn’t matter. Just make an eagle.
  • Five pars in one round – I’m also keeping this goal from last year. I did meet this goal last year, but it was on a pretty short course. I want to do this on a par 69+ course.

For technical goals:

  • Lower handicap to 20 or less – In 2009 my handicap was 36.4, in 2010 it was 33.4, in 2011 it was 27.7, and in 2012 it was 24.8. I’m trying to follow somewhat of a pattern.
  • Raise fairway hit percentage to 42% – This needs to get better. Right now it’s at 35%
  • Raise green-in-regulation percentage to 12% – Right now, it’s at 10.5%.
  • Lower average putts to 1.9 – Right now, it’s at 2.07. I’m going to focus more on my short game this season.

Let the season begin!