I'm a noob.

Hello. My name is Chris, and I am a golf newbie. A golf noob. I have played only three rounds of golf in my life (in a span of eight years). Each time I had to borrow clubs from a friend and I played so bad that I didn’t care about the score. By the fourth or fifth hole, my goal was just to be able to hit the ball over 50 feet or clear the small creek that blocked my forward progression.

So why continue?

Peer pressure. “Chris, you have to get a set of clubs.” I admit that I actually wanted a set of clubs so that when I did get invited to play a round I wouldn’t have to borrow or rent a set. Luckily, I got a used set of clubs as a birthday gift. …And thus starts the journey.

My goal

I’m setting out to play all of the Chicagoland golf courses, while tracking my progress and keeping stats along the way. I’m defining Chicagoland as a straight 35 mile radius from State & Madison (the center of Chicago). This radius includes Joliet, Elgin, and most of Waukegan. Most of the courses should be less than an hour drive (not including traffic) from the center of Chicago.

My equipment

My clubs are a used/refurbished set made by Spalding. It includes an 1, 3, & 5 wood, 3-9 irons, a pitching wedge, and a putter that looks like I stole it from some mini-golf place. The irons have a graphite shaft, which I hear is pretty good. The only thing is that the 7 and the 9 iron are different from the other irons. They are a different model by Spalding that have a steel shaft. I also have one of those things that you use to get your ball out of a lake, which I’ll probably find useful. But the most important part of the set… the bag. All I wanted was a new bag (even if I’m no good, at least I’ll look good).

With this, I start my goal to play all the courses in Chicago. At first glance, their looks to be around 75 courses within the radius. Let’s begin!