Golf Tracker

Since the golf season is starting to slow down (I kind of came in late in the season anyway), I took some time to build the Golf Tracker. I’ll be using this web application to store all the Chicagoland golf courses that are necessary to complete the goal. I’ll also be using it to keep track of my scores, as well as storing information about the people who play rounds with me and their scores. This application also feeds the Google Maps points for the ‘Map of Courses’ page.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be working to add all of the courses. It’s kind of a slow process because I have to find each course on the map, as well as get some general information about the course (number of holes, par count, total length, etc). Plus, my initial estimate of 75 courses is way off. I’m now thinking there may be close to 150, but we’ll see.