Plymouth Rock Golf Course [Field Trip]

Plymouth Rock Golf CourseTo take advantage of a really nice Saturday morning in northern Indiana, Beth’s cousin, Dirk, and I played a round at Plymouth Rock Golf Course in Plymouth, Indiana. Located approximately 30 miles south of South Bend, Indiana, Plymouth Rock Golf Course was opened in 1977 by it’s owner and manager, Robert Booth. The weekend rate, with a cart, ended up being $25.

Plymouth Rock has a pretty nice layout, with the front nine and back nine split equally in the middle by a small driving range. The front nine, which is fairly open and has a few trees bordering the holes, consists of two par-3 and two par-5 holes (both of the par-5 holes are 90 degree doglegs). The back nine, which is surrounded by heavy trees, also consists of two par-3 and two par-5 holes. Water hazards touch seven of the holes, while small sand traps are scattered on random holes. The course, as we played it, was fairly nice, although it seemed it was not maintained that well. Nearly all of the water hazards were stagnant, and the sand traps looked like they needed more care. Also, the grass bordering many of the holes was very high. I ended up losing a lot of balls in the high grass.

It didn’t help that we started on the back nine. Throughout the back nine, I must have lost about 6-8 balls in the woods and the high grass. I didn’t play that well at all (except for the 16th hole, where I shot par), although I did notice I am getting a lot more confident with my drives and my even-numbered irons. I didn’t play that well on the front nine either (but, once again, I did shoot par on one hole). Dirk played about the same as me, even shooting par on two holes. His 3 and 5 wood shots were pretty impressive, which is something I need to start working on.

I ended up shooting a 111 (39 over par) and Dirk shot a 115 (43 over par). I 1-putted one time and 2-putted 11 times. I’m starting to get more comfortable selecting clubs based on the distance to the hole. I think I can start shaving some strokes when I get more comfortable with my 3 wood and 5 wood.

Plymouth Rock Golf Course – Scores & Stats

Course length: 6,156 yards

Course par: 72

Course rating/slope: 68.3 / 112 (white tee boxes)

My score: 111 (39 over par)

Dirk’s score: 115 (43 over par)

Plymouth Rock Golf Course
12641 7B Road
Plymouth, IN 46563