Terminology: Wolf

As I mentioned previously in the round at the Meadows Golf Club of Blue Island, we played a side game called “Wolf”. Here’s the description, thanks to About.com’s Golf Section:

Wolf is a betting game or points game for a group of four players.Players rotate being the “Wolf.” The player designated as the “Wolf” gets to choose whether to play the hole 1 against 3 (himself against the other three players in the group) or 2 on 2.

And if the Wolf chooses to play 2 on 2, he must choose his partner immediately following that player’s drive. Example: Player A is the Wolf. Player B hits a bad drive. Player C hits a pretty good drive. If the Wolf wants C as a partner, he must claim his partner before Player D hits his tee ball.

The side with the lowest better ball score wins the hole. If it’s 2 on 2, then the winning side wins the bet. If it’s 1 on 3, the Wolf wins double or loses double.

There’s also Lone Wolf, in which the Wolf announces before anyone tees off – including himself – that he’s going it alone, 1 on 3. On a Lone Wolf hole, the Wolf wins triple or loses triple.

Also Known As: “Ship, Captain & Crew” or “Boss”

Of course, we didn’t involve money in this side game, since we all knew the money would have went to Mike (who also suggested playing the game). It was pretty fun to play, and kept things interesting throughout the round.