Robert A. Black Golf Course

I like it when the nice weather lasts into October. The weather was actually almost too nice of a day, with the temperatures above 80 degrees (it was also the day of the Chicago Marathon, which sucks for them). So I played a short round of golf at Robert A. Black Golf Course, just ten miles north of downtown Chicago. Robert A. Black Golf Course is part of the Chicago Park District, which runs six golf courses throughout Chicagoland. Of the six golf courses, there are five 9-hole courses, including Robert A. Black, and one 18-hole course, Jackson Park Golf Course (which I played last year).

The course features one par-5 and four par-3 holes for a total par of 33 at a length of 2,339 yards from the back tees (there are actually just two tee boxes: blue and red). The fairways are open and flat, and are surrounded by large trees. The holes are mostly straight, with the exception of the 3rd hole, a 341 yard par-4, that is a dogleg left (which is something I don’t see very often). There are no water hazards on the course, but there are a fair amount of sand traps near the fairways and the greens. The sand traps actually look like they could be a made a lot larger, if that what the course designer intended. Around some of the sand traps, there is a wood edging that could mark the boundary of the sand trap. Either that, or sand traps are poorly maintained and are overgrown with grass. The greens are fairly large with some challenging breaks.

Once again, I played this round with some members of the Chicago Co-Ed Golf Meetup Group. Our group was one of three groups in an outing by the meetup group; 12 golfers total. Once again, there was a wide range of skill levels in the group. I think my skill level in my group was about in the middle, in between one golfer that has played less that five rounds, and one golfer that works for a private golf course.

I felt like I played like a beginner this round. My drives were pretty bad. I either sliced them right, or duffed them 40 yards in front of me. I don’t really know what I was doing wrong, but it probably involved me reverting back to how my swing was before my lesson at TopGolf. Knowing anything, I was changing my grip or standing up during my swing. My second shot with my irons continued to help out, putting me back in play after a sliced drive. Tee shots with my irons were mostly inaccurate or duffed. Maybe it’s just something about the being in the tee box that messes with my swing. My putting was decent. I tried to focus on 2-putting or better. I ended up 2-putting eight times and 3-putting just once. The one time I 3-putted, it was on the 8th hole, a 105 yard par-3. This was also the only hole that my tee shot was accurate, and I actually landed the ball on the green. What a way to lose par.

I shot a 52 for the round, which was 19 over par. I shot bogey two times, double bogey four times, and triple bogey three times. I wish I could have played a better round, but that’s just how the game goes sometimes. Some days your game is “on” and some days your game is “off”. This must have just been one of those “off” days.

Robert A. Black Golf Course – Scores & Stats

Course length: 2,339 yards (blue tee boxes)

Course par: 33

Course rating/slope: 62.2 / 102 (blue tee boxes)

My score: 52 (19 over par)

Robert A. Black Golf Course
2045 W. Pratt Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60645