Year in Review: 2011

I’m way behind on my posts, especially this one. With a mild winter coming to a close, the golf season is already upon us.

Before I start off, I must say that I did not post about my last round in 2011. In November, I was graciously invited by a member of Mission Hills Country Club, a private golf course in Northbrook, Illinois. I never got a chance to write about that round (personally, I didn’t play the best round). I spoke with the member after the round, and I’m looking forward to playing more rounds there; rounds that I will post about. The statistics below do include this round.

So… on to my year in review for the 2011 golf season.


According to my statistics on (based on the last 20 scores):

All of those statistics are an improvement from 2010.

2011 Goals

For the more technical goals (based on the last 20 scores):

Final Thoughts

The 2011 golf season was the most productive for the project. 28 rounds played, with 23 new courses completed, along with getting married and going on a honeymoon… I think that’s pretty impressive. I really didn’t think I would get to play that much in 2011. If I keep this pace, I should be able to complete the project in 5-6 years.

As far as my game, I think my drives are getting better and straighter. I really want to figure out ways to get a bit more length on my drives. I would really like to be hitting consistent 250+ yard drives. I also need to work on my accuracy with my wedges. I’ll probably get some new wedges in 2012.

And just how I ended the last year in review, I really want to say ‘Thank You!’ to all who are following my progress, and joining me along the way. I noticed that this blog has started to get consistent readers and commenters, and that means so much to me.