Mid-Iron Golf Club

This weekend, I once again played two 9-hole courses back-to-back. For the first round, I went to Mid-Iron Golf Club in Lemont, Illinois, located approximately 25 miles southwest of downtown Chicago. The course opened in 1985, and is locally owned. Mid-Iron is more of a practice facility than a standard course. The facility does have a driving range, which I think is more commonly used than the course.

The course features six par-3 and no par-5 holes for a total par of 30 at a length of 1,597 yards (less than 100 yards longer than the 1,500 yard short course cutoff). There is only one set of tees, but there is an alternate tee box on the 3rd hole (a 260 yard par-4) that drops length of that hole to 220 yards and the overall length to 1,557 yards. With a length this short, you can easily see why the course is named “Mid-Iron”: you’ll be hitting with your middle irons quite often. The fairways are mostly straight, with the exception of the 4th hole (a 266 yard par-4) which doglegs left before the green. The 4th hole is the longest par-4 hole on the course, while the par-3 holes range from 115 yards to 170 yards. Water touches four of the holes, but you’ll only need to carry over the water if you play from the longer tee box on the 3rd hole. There are no bunkers on the course, though it looked like there could have been at some time. The greens are generally large and flat; nothing overly complicated or challenging.

As much as I should be practicing with my driver, it’s nice to play a course like this. While my tee shots were mostly made with my shorter irons, I did get to hit with my fairway wood and long irons a couple times. My tee shots were generally decent, but I was still pushing right. Approach shots with my irons were good, though I was chunking the ball a couple times. This an issue I’ve been seeing every so often, where my practice swings will be good, but when I take my shot, I overextend my arms and chunk or hit too fat. Wedge play was good, and putting could have been a bit better. I 1-putt twice and 3-putt four times (all in a row).

I shot a 40 for the round (10 over par). This consisted of one birdie, one par, four bogeys, and all others worse. I didn’t have any sand shots because of the non-existent bunkers, and I didn’t take any penalty shots. I wish my putting could have been a little better to avoid all of the 3-putts, which would have dropped my score down a lot. I think I generally played pretty well, and I hope it continues to the next round.

Mid-Iron Golf Club – Scores & Stats

Course length: 1,594 yards (only tee boxes)

Course par: 30

Course rating: 25.2 (only tee boxes, slope unknown)

My score: 40 (10 over par)

Mid-Iron Golf Club
12680 South Bell Road
Lemont, IL 60439