Arrowhead Golf Club – South/West Course

I finally got a chance to play a course that I’ve been wanting to play for a while: Arrowhead Golf Club. Arrowhead is located in Wheaton, Illinois, approximately 28 miles west of downtown Chicago. The course dates back to 1924, when the original golf course was built as the 18-hole Antlers Club. In 1929, the club was renamed to Arrowhead Golf Club, and in 1967, an additional nine holes were constructed, which makes up today’s West course. In 1982, the Wheaton Park District purchased the property the course sits on. Arrowhead is the only golf facility that is part of the Wheaton Park District.

The club consists of three 9-hole courses, the 3,367 yard South course, the 3,364 yard East course, and the 3,295 yard West course. All three courses are fairly similar in design and layout. They are all 9-hole, par 36 courses with two par-3 and two par-5 holes. There are three sets of tees: the back Blue tees that are around 3,300 yards in length, the middle White tees that are around 3,000 yards, and the forward Red tees that are around 2,500 yards. Overall, with the design and layout, Arrowhead is a really beautiful, well-maintained golf course. The fairways generally open and flat, surrounded by rolling hills and medium-sized trees. The amount of water hazards are about equal throughout the three courses, and you’ll only need to carry your shots over water a couple times throughout the round. You’ll find fairly small bunkers next to the greens on every hole, and you’ll also come across a couple bunkers next the fairways. The undulating greens are generally large and offer some challenging putts.

For this round, I joined my friends Mike and Matt to play the South and the West courses. When looking at my game during the round, this was probably the most random I’ve played in a while. My tee shots were very random, and it didn’t help much that I preferred to use my driver over another more consistent club like my hybrid. I occasionally had a nice, straight drive, but then I’d slice right on the next tee shot, then hook left on the one after that. I actually pulled or hooked left about half of my tee shots, which hitting left is something I hardly ever do. I don’t quite know what I was doing to cause that; likely overcompensating my attempt to prevent a slice. My iron shots and wedge shots were decent, though I’d still occasionally chunk the ball. I’m still lacking in accuracy, normally hitting right, but my distance is typically good. My putting was actually pretty good. I 1-putted six times and only 3-putted once.

I shot a 103 for the round (31 over par, 54 on the South course, 49 on the West course). This consisted of two pars, seven bogeys, five double bogeys, and all others worse. I took one sand shot, and had seven penalty shots (ouch), with most of those penalty shots not because of the water hazards. As for the others in my group, Matt shot a 92 and Mike shot a 105. Like my round at Crystal Tree in August, we played our heavily modified side game of Wolf. Matt won with 11 points, I made 9 points, and Mike made 4 points. As the Wolf, Matt was 2-for-3, I was 2-for-7, and Mike was 0-for-8.

Arrowhead Golf Club – Scores & Stats

South course length: 3,034 yards (white tee boxes)

South course par: 36

West course length: 3,085 yards (white tee boxes)

West course par: 36

South to West course rating/slope: 70.1 / 127 (white tee boxes)

My score: 103 (31 over par, 54 on South, 49 on West)

Arrowhead Golf Club
26W151 Butterfield Road
Wheaton, IL 60189